Candidate Profile: Andrea Bejarano-Robinson

  • May 11, 2020
  • Andrea Bejarano-Robinson

Andrea Bejarano-Robinson, Candidate for SC House District 7


Why did you choose Emerge?

I chose Emerge because I wanted to partner with a women led organization.


What office are you running for and why?

SC House District 7 because we need more diversity and inclusion in government.


What is your vision for your community?

I want ALL of my community to become their full potential and in order to do that we need more women in the House in South Carolina .


What/Who inspires you to run for office?

My mom who said if you want to fix the issues then RUN dont sit RUN.


Which Democratic woman inspires you and why

Senator Patricia Torres Ray, she is a immigrate from Colombia and she encouraged me to run, Lt. Gov Peggy Flannigan, the first Native American Women to serve in MN House and then as Lt Gov, MN House Member Sandy Peterson and Ms. Helen Bassett.


What’s the one thing you gained from Emerge and would like to share with others?

You can RUN, If not YOU then WHO?


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