Candidate Profile: Kristen French

  • Sep 2, 2020
  • Kristen French

Kristen French, Candidate for Charleston County Consolidated School Board


Why did you choose Emerge?

When I learned about Emerge SC, I was excited to join a program designed to train Democratic women to run. I had long considered running but had never felt I had the tools necessary to try. I could see that Emerge SC had the potential to help me get ready to run.


What office are you running for and why?

I’m running for Charleston County Consolidated School Board. As a parent and long-time community member in the North Area, I have been frustrated by CCSD’s neglect of neighborhood schools. Our children deserve access to quality education in every school, and I’m running to make that a reality in Charleston County.


What is your vision for your community?

I envision Community Schools in our neighborhoods which provide quality education for 3K-12 students, parents, and community members. I see each school becoming a hub for the resources that their specific community needs, whether that is social services, health care, or space for community meetings. My vision includes strong School Improvement Councils, engaged PTAs, and school leadership that includes teachers and staff. I further envision a sense of ownership and responsibility at the community level. Community Schools will not only meet the educational needs of our children, but also invigorate and strengthen our urban, suburban, and rural communities.


What/Who inspires you to run for office?

Many of our teachers, principals, parents, and community members are working hard to transform our schools into thriving Community Schools but don’t have the resources to put all the pieces together. I’m running to help them get the resources they need and amplify their voices.


Which Democratic woman inspires you and why?

Elizabeth Warren inspired me long before she entered politics. Her application of her knowledge to educate others and her compassion for people have been consistent throughout her public career, and I am inspired that she has kept those principles as a politician. I feel she truly works for the people.


What is one thing you gained from Emerge and would like to share with others?

Confidence. The Emerge training offers a great deal for women in SC, including a network of strong women and resources. Being in a cohort together over six months also provides many opportunities to form strong relationships and build skills together. All of this leads to a foundation of confidence within the women who participate in Emerge.


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